What's the word around the lake?

We believe that honest, hard, quality work will result in the most satisfied of customers. Below you'll find some of your fellow boaters testimonials, to have your review featured below just email us at dougsupholstery@gmail.com.

Keith Miller had this to say,

"From start to finish Doug and his wife were very polite and very professional. Their workmanship is outstanding I would recommend them to anyone. Doug told me he does all of the work himself and has been in business for over 30 years. I would give six stars if I could."

Mark Boyd says,

"I had Doug's re-work the interior on my Mastercraft Ski Boat and I am extremely happy with the results.

For me, my biggest concern when having my interior fixed was the quality of the finished product. My interior was a very difficult job as it needed to match the other interior parts that did not need to be replaced. Doug's hit it out of the Park!

I highly recommend Doug's for anyone who is very particular about their boat, wants it done right, and is not afraid to spend a little extra money. Believe me, You get what you pay for when it comes to Boat Interiors.

If you are interested in having Doug's work on your boat upholstery I highly recommend you go see him at the end of the season/early fall and get your interior in line in order to get it completed before the spring comes. He does the best work around and his schedule will get booked up fast.

I am not related nor do I know the owners personally. Just a very happy customer."

Krista Lauren says,

"They are a notable family owned business that gave me the personal experience I was looking for! They have incredible work at a fair price for the quality I received. It was worth every penny I paid, the work is beautiful and will obviously last. I love supporting local businesses and would highly recommend this professional team. I would never go back to the cheaper options because in the long run they wouldn't last like this work will and I would end up paying the same if not more for lower quality work."